NTPmon is a utility which is designed to monitor and display essential health metrics for NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers.  Accurate time is essential to maintaining a functional network, and NTPmon is designed to help you work out whether your NTP servers are, in fact, doing what they're supposed to and keeping accurate time.

NTPmon tracks a minimal number of metrics which should be understandable to non-specialists, and presents them as simply as possible. NTPmon does not aim or claim to be the last word on NTP monitoring. Much the opposite - it is more like the first word, and more advanced tools are both desirable and necessary. If you are a time synchronization geek, NTPmon is not for you - or at least, it's unlikely to offer you anything more than a quick overview.

NTPmon is Free Software, released under the GNU General Public License, version 3, or (at your option) any later version.  Download the latest version from the links below.  NTPmon's source code may be found at http://github.com/paulgear/ntpmon.