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An update to "What's in my Podcast Roll?"

I blogged previously about the podcasts I regularly listen to, and the topic came up again this week on the SAGE-AU mailing list, so I thought I'd update it with my current thoughts.

ntpq: write to ::1 failed: Operation not permitted

The other day I got a bug report about check_ntpmon, which was reporting UNKNOWN status back to Nagios even though everything seemed to be working fine. A bit of debugging revealed that it was receiving the message on standard error:

ntpq: write to ::1 failed: Operation not permitted

Generic IT career/job seeking advice to the young starter

I've been asked a few different times to advise young (and sometimes not so young) people trying to get a start in IT.  Every story is different, but there are a few commonalities.  So here's my generic IT career/job seeking advice in rough order.  Note that some of it is a bit Australia-centric.

The tragedy of Vyatta Core's demise

Vyatta Core (VC) is one of my top fanboy loves.  It provides a firewall/router based on Debian Linux but with an elegant configuration system modeled on Junos.  Vyatta previously offered VC as a community edition of their commercial router (with somewhat reduced features and a lag time).  Their strategy seems to have changed when Brocade took them over, and unfortunately, the project has withered on the vine.  I think I can safely pronounce it dead:

Email message size limits


Prompted by a request from staff at a client's head office, a couple of days ago i posed this question to a couple of the mailing lists i'm on: what is your size limit on individual email messages?

Three days with Junos


This post is the story of my first practical look at Junos on Juniper EX-series switches.

HOWTO: Convert Windows Server 2008 from bare metal/GPT to VMware/MBR

I've been working on a server consolidation project over the past few months in preparation for moving a small corporate server room into a hosted data centre.  I spent much of last night and this morning working on one of the final milestones, P2V (physical-to-virtual conversion) of a bare metal Windows 2008 system running SQL Server 2008.

Secure wiping of tapes on Linux

At one client site, we've recently moved from tape to disk for our offline backup storage medium.  We debated what to do with the old tape loader and tapes, and concluded that we would never go back and so should get rid of them entirely.  I was given the task of working out how to securely wipe the old tapes.

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